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Our Offering and its Benefits

We are a creative team, with a mission to improve the efficacy of an organisation's digital signage and displays, be they in reception areas, office spaces or meeting rooms. We understand the technologies as we've been in AV since 1990. We also understand creativity and branding, see our profiles below. Our expertise means we can deliver the right content to the right screen - confirm that format ratios are correct, the content is compatible with your signage or CMS platform, and that everything is optimised for transport over your network. Bringing together our skills we can improve your communications on digital displays, ensure there is always useful, up-to-date information which presents your organisation in the best light.

Our AV experts can conduct a health check of your digital signage and display systems and make recommendations on how to maximise the impact. We will look at the technologies, both hardware and software, and suggest updates, repairs, or changes as may be necessary to get your systems not just fully functional - but also aligned to your business requirements. 

What we do


We will use your existing brand, graphics and video assets to create engaging content for reception areas and your digital signage estate - we'll help you to get the best out of your technology and your investment


Let us freshen up your visual content by creating new templates for your digital displays. We can tie it in to your organisations 'look and feel' and add the additional data content that your people need. We can make it editable so you can keep it updated


Use your new content to connect with your people and your customers - share your message, your brand values, your mission, and the benefits of your products and services. You have lots to say, say it loudly, say it creatively 

KEY People and Experience

Michael O'Brien

Michael is the Solutions Architect.  He is an experienced audio-visual, digital signage, distance learning and collaborative environment system consultant, with a specialism in high-end unified communications systems. He understands networks, bandwidth and human factors.
Michael has a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art and is a published photographer.

David Pritchard

David is our branding and design management expert. He has 20 years experience in the creative sector having worked both client and agency side. He has been a Solutions Director for creative campaigns across EMEA & US, supplier management, strategic partnerships and advised on best business practice.  He has worked across print, digital and video.

James Howard

James is our Channel Manager. He has more than two decades of Channel Experience having contracted and been an ambassador for some of the most recognisable global brands . Working within both the Creative marketplace and in the AV sector, he is ideally placed to understand all aspects of signage and content. His core strengths are being able to interpret a client's requirements and therefore connecting them with the right solution. 

Ben Cumberbatch

Ben is the creative powerhouse.  A multi discipline designer with over 10 years industry experience working with an award winning blue chip European broadcaster A  creative by nature he has overseen a wide range of projects for global organisations such as HBO, UEFA, the premier league and BSkyB an accomplished director Ben has worked with European footballing giants such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea football clubs to name but a few  from branding to VFX animations to live studio based graphics Ben has covered it all within his broad and diverse career  

Nick Hay

Nick is the Technologist. He is an audio visual consultant with over 25 years’ experience designing advanced collaboration systems for the oil and gas industry both onshore and offshore. Nick has been Technical Director for several companies and has gained AV experience in education, military, corporate and residential markets. Nick is a problem solver, if a product that doesn’t exist is needed, he will build it. Before AV he worked in Avionics as an electronics engineer, designing systems for the Hawker Harrier and the Airbus A300/320 airliner.  

What does UNBRANDED mean?

Our name represents our mission, we are unbranded, our work is transparent. We understand your brand and will focus our efforts on you, your brand identity, your communication requirements, and your materials. 

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